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Monthly Bread of Life

New faith groups that gather
monthly for a Bible verse.

More info: Griet Van Coillie
0479 74 22 84

Once, during a consultation, a specialist doctor told me: “You work as a pastor… I always say: Freedom ends where religion begins!” The consultation was too short to explore each other’s convictions and experiences, although that would have been very interesting.


Freedom, peace and joy… the Gospel tells us that these are the fruits of a life in communion with Jesus Christ.

If you feel like exploring a Christian way of life together with others, then join one of the small groups that will meet monthly from October 2021 on wards.

Every month a passage from the Gospel is offered as a challenge. In mutual conversation with each other we want to discover whether that text from the Bible has meaning for our daily lives.

If you are looking for a course in Bible knowledge, it is best to look further. Here it’s about exploring together how we can live as Christians in our world today.

If you experience a barrier because it is difficult to put into words your search or deeper experience, don’t let this stop you. Such a small group in particular can be a place where you can feel safe and supported. We want to complement each other and learn from each other.

Together with others
you can discover
how to have faith and
how to lead a life of a Christian.

Every month we have a passage from the Bible and a reflection which is linked to our daily lives. Precisely because it is already ‘sliced bread’ for us, every group in our pastoral unit can work with it themselves, briefly or extensively.

If you are thirsty
and the water in the river
has become cloudy,
then search the source.

In this way believing becomes much more something of the heart, something that connects us with others. Looking for daily inspiration, let us be touched by a biblical word, by the testimony of fellow group members and by God who can speak through us.

This is a way to form a community in connection with other groups, to become ‘people of the Way’, as the first Christians were called.

If you would like to participate, please register here.
There is a new Dutch group led by Griet every month on an evening – depending on the choice of the group itself – from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. If also people with other native languages apply, we can start an international group.

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